"Energy Efficiency is at the heart of energy affordability." Tony Earley, Chairman, CEO and President of PG&E Corporation



San Francisco: PG&E Helps New Exploratorium Become Energy Efficient, Sponsors Field Trips



By Matt Nauman

SAN FRANCISCO – Long before the emphasis on math and science education became a national priority, the Exploratorium was teaching kids that science can be fun.

The venerable institution moved into a new home this year on San Francisco’s Embarcadero Waterfront. The new facility has even more hands-on exhibits that help children and adults learn how things work.


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PG&E Part of Effort to Make Small Central California Towns More Energy-Efficient



By Tracy Correa

McKITTRICK – Residents in this remote town — population 115 — in Kern County’s hilly west-side don’t have much. The grocery store is 17 miles away and the incomes of most residents are on the lower end. (more…)

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San Francisco: Showcase at PG&E Center an Enlightening “Affair”

By David Kligman

SAN FRANCISCO — At its Pacific Energy Center, PG&E this week hosted an expo showcasing some truly innovative and efficient lighting technology. (more…)

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In Stockton, PG&E Rolls Up Its Sleeves to Teach Energy Efficiency

By David Kligman

STOCKTON—In 1976, Charles Segerstrom was a Stanford University student undecided about his future when he heard a speech that inspired him to devote his career to energy efficiency.

The speaker was environmentalist Amory Lovins, who described his vision of a “soft energy path.” His argument: It’s cheaper to save fuel than to burn it or build new power plants. And it’s good for the environment.

And that’s exactly the thinking behind the Energy Training Center in Stockton, one of three energy centers that Segerstrom manages for PG&E. (more…)

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