"Energy Efficiency is at the heart of energy affordability." Tony Earley, Chairman, CEO and President of PG&E Corporation


Energy Saving Tips for your Home from PG&E


Energy_saving_tips_ATTIC-ROOFAttic: One of the best ways to save energy and money is to make sure you have proper insulation.


Energy_saving_tips_LIVINGLiving Room: A few easy solutions to implement in your living room include power strips, area rugs, and caulking.


Energy_saving_tips_LAUNDRYLaundry Room: There are plenty of energy savings opportunities–even in your laundry machine!


Energy_saving_tips_KITCHENKitchen: During the drought, be sure to fix leaky faucets–it saves energy and water.


Energy_saving_tips_BEDROOMBedroom: Look to your lightbulbs, windows and air vents for energy savings in your bedroom.


Energy_saving_tips_BATHROOMBathroom: Where you save water, you can save energy, too–low-flow faucets and short showers are just two ways you can save money and save water.