"Energy Efficiency is at the heart of energy affordability." Tony Earley, Chairman, CEO and President of PG&E Corporation


PG&E Launches Interactive Website to Learn About Energy Efficiency Savings

PG&E customers looking to add new appliances, to install energy-efficient lighting, and to save money and energy now have an easy way to find information about how to qualify and apply for rebates.

PG&E has launched a new interactive website, www.pge.com/HomeMoneySaver that shows all the ways a customer can save money in their home.

PG&E customers can scroll around this house to see available rebates on www.pge.com/HomeMoneySaver.

Customers can click on a whole house full of appliances – TVs, pool pumps, air conditioners, lighting and more – and find out what rebates and incentives are available.

Click the washing machine, for example, and learn which high-efficiency clothes washers are eligible for a $50 rebate.

Click on the television and details about ENERGY STAR® TVs pop up. Buying a TV with an ENERGY STAR sticker can mean saving as much as 40 percent on energy costs.

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Customers also will get rebate information on these products (and get money-saving tips):

Lighting: Replacing five inefficient incandescent bulbs in your home with energy-saving bulbs could save you $200 or more over the lifetime of the bulbs.

Refrigerators: Setting refrigerator temperature between 36 and 40 degrees can reduce your refrigeration energy costs by 25 percent per year.

Heating and Cooling: Adjust your thermostat. Setting your air conditioner 5 degrees higher will save up to 20 percent on cooling costs

There’s also a convenient button for applying for rebates. Much of the process can be done online and pretty soon customers will be able to apply for rebates completely online.