"Energy Efficiency is at the heart of energy affordability." Tony Earley, Chairman, CEO and President of PG&E Corporation


Santa Maria: How One Family Cut Its Electric Bill by Nearly 70%

By David Kligman

SANTA MARIA — Like many Americans, Kelly and Jim Stegall need to save money any way they can.

Last year, they sold their house and moved their family into a modest rental home near San Luis Obispo. But downsizing into a home half the size didn’t drastically lower their electric bill like they thought.

Kelly Stegall was determined to cut her energy bill. She did that—and then some. In six months the family’s bill dropped from $160 a month to $50 a month, a savings of $1,300 a year.

She was so excited that she contacted PG&E and invited Currents to her home to show how they’ve been able to reduce their bill by nearly 70 percent.

Their changes were simple and done without giving up DVRs, cable modems and all the conveniences of 21st century life.

Meet the Stegalls and watch a video of their story as captured by videographer James Green.

This story originally appeared on pgecurrents.com.