"Energy Efficiency is at the heart of energy affordability." Tony Earley, Chairman, CEO and President of PG&E Corporation


PG&E, American Institute of Architects Announce Winners of Zero Net Energy Design Competition

SAN FRANCISCO — PG&E and the American Institute of Architects, California Council (AIACC) today (Oct. 23) announced the winners of the fifth annual Architecture at Zero competition for zero net energy (ZNE) building design. The competition has awarded the six student and professional winners with a total of $25,000 in prizes.


Winning design “Alveo” by EBS Consultants in San Francisco.

For the fifth year of the PG&E-sponsored competition, contestants designed a hypothetical ZNE building on University of California, San Francisco’s (UCSF) Mission Bay campus. Winners were chosen out of over 30 entries that designed plans for multi-family housing that will be a ZNE structure — which produces as much clean energy as it uses during a year through a combination of energy efficiency and on-site renewable energy generation. (more…)

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What’s the Cleanest Energy? (You’ll be Surprised)

Originally published in SFGate.com

If someone asked you to name the cleanest type of energy on the planet, what would you pick? Nuclear? Solar? Wind? Hydropower? Thermal power from beneath the ground?

Actually, the answer is none of the above. The cleanest energy is the kind we don’t have to produce at all—because we’ve figured out how to make smarter use of the energy we already have.

No one has done that better than Californians. (more…)

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Energy Saving Tips for your Home from PG&E


Energy_saving_tips_ATTIC-ROOFAttic: One of the best ways to save energy and money is to make sure you have proper insulation.



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Farmers use water savings to receive rebates from energy company

Originally published in BakersfieldNow.com

BAKERSFIELD, Calif. (KBAK/KBFX) – As Californians continue into a fourth year of drought, some residents are finding creative ways to save water and save money.

No different from other conservation-minded people from across the state, Lucas Espericueta and his family continue to put into play the many different ways to cut back on water usage. The family does have a unique case when it comes to saving water though. They happen to own a 230-acre nut and grape farm in Wasco.

This past year, the Espericueta family installed an energy-efficient pump onto the farm. The new system helps them control how much water they use and ultimately how much money they save.


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