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Privacy Policy

What information do we collect about you on our Website and how do we protect the privacy of your information stored or exchanged on our Website?

General Usage Information

Your visits to the website. We collect information about usage of the website, such as the number of visitors to the website and the number of users that click on certain links or utilize certain services. We use industry standard software to create summary statistics of the usage data we collect, which may then be used to highlight .what our visitors find interesting, to improve the website design specifications, to identify system performance issues and for other internal purposes.

Our Use of Your IP Address. An Internet Protocol (“IP”) address is a number automatically assigned to your computer every time you browse the Internet. When you visit the website, our servers log your current IP address. We may use your IP address to help diagnose problems with our servers and to administer the website. Your IP address is not tied to your personal information and we do not use it to identify you when logging IP address data.

Our Use of Cookies. When you visit the website, our server may create cookies, making it more convenient for you to use the website by verifying when you travel from page to page. The data we collect on website usage from cookies is not tied to your personal information and we only use it in aggregate form.


While browsing the website, you may encounter hypertext links to other third-party operated websites. These third-party websites may send their own cookies to you, log your IP address, and otherwise collect data or solicit personal information. PG&E does not control and is not responsible for what third parties do in connection with their websites, or how they handle your personal information. Please exercise caution and consult the privacy policies posted on each third-party website for further information.

Voluntary E-mail Sign-up

On this website, you have the option to voluntarily sign-up to receive e-mail updates. The information collected in the voluntary e-mail sign-up includes your name and e-mail address. We treat this information as confidential, consistent with all legal and regulatory requirements, including those established by the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) and others. We employ a combination of technology and standard practices to ensure your information is safeguarded from unauthorized access or exposure. The name and e-mail information we collect in the voluntary e-mail sign-up will be used for the purpose of PG&E providing you with relevant information about energy efficiency.